Official Ale of the Mobjack Class
Mobjack Bay Pale Ale

A crisp, full-bodied west-coast style ale brewed right in Richmond, VA by

Lots of malt balanced by Cascade and Willamette hops. It and Summer Ale were enjoyed by Mobjackers at the 1998 Mobjack National Championships.

Want to find out more about Mobjack Bay Pale Ale and Mobjack Bay Brewing Company?
The following articles by Lee Graves  appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch "Brews and News"
Thursday, August 28, 1997: Former James River Brewery drafted as location for Mobjack Bay venture
Also on November 6, 1997 The Mobjack troop takes time to stop, smell the barley

They were also featured in the Rivercity Real Beer Fest.

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