42nd Mobjack National Championship

Southern Maryland Sailing Association


Solomons, MD


Sunday, August 19, 2001, the final race was held for the 42nd Mobjack Nationals at Southern Maryland Sailing Association. Racing took place on the Patuxent River across from Solomons Island. Len Guenther of Tallahassee, FL., with his daughter Heidi as crew maintained their lead over Bob Beach and crew Alan Potts of Winchester by sailing consistantly well in all five races during the three day regatta. Hank Strother and crew Steve Davenport of Washington. DC and Mark Arnold of Chesapeake, VA and crew Tim McConville of Norfolk, VA were also in contention for the title. Tracy and Joe Kubinec of Hollywood, MD improved as the regatta progressed to finish 5th. The format for the regatta is two races each on Friday and Saturday with a single race on Sunday. The races are long for a one design class by today’s standard with Friday’s consisting of nine legs, totaling over six miles in length and sailed in 15 knot winds. The lighter winds of Saturday and Sunday called for less legs for shorter distances. 17 boats competed in the regatta, hosted by Southern Maryland Sailing Association and sanctioned by the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association. Seven of the boats competing had father/son or father/daughter teams sailing including the winner. And two boats were sailed by husband and wife teams. The Race Committee was well staffed and ran excellent races, shifting marks with the wind and adjusting the length to suit conditions. They were led by Principle Race Officer Dave Meiser who was joined by other members of SMSA’s Lightning Fleet.


The Mobjack is a 17 foot sloop rigged sailboat with three sails, a main, jib and spinnaker. It is usually raced with a crew of two. The boat was designed by Roger Moorman of Williamsburg, VA and is sailed and raced extensively in the Chesapeake and Delaware Bay areas. The boat is all fiberglass construction, self-bailing, has a kick-up centerboard and rudder for beaching and features a furling jib, comfortable seats and lots of room.

The National Championship Regatta was organized by Tracy and Joe Kubinec, SMSA Mobjack Fleet captains, with the backing and support of the Southern Maryland Sailing Association. They planned and put on an excellent regatta in every respect.


42nd Mobjack National Championship

Southern Maryland Sailing Association

Solomons, MD

August 17-19, 2001



5 Races


1. La Loca Avispa 11 Len and Heidi Guenther 504

2. Kneads the Wind 25 Bob Beach and Alan Potts 469

3. Vintage 27 Hank Strother and Steve Davenport 18

4. No Problem 28 Mark Arnold and Tim McConville 500

5. Road Kill 33 Joe and Tracy Kubinec 511

6. Sunny Side Up 38 Regan Weaver and John Edwards 792

7. Fortuitous 39 John Gardner and Rob Scott 472

8. Yolo 42 Rowland Marshall and Connie Miller 456

9. Utmoast 45 Jim and Chris Butler 490

10. Vanilla 50 Sam Jackson and Pete Brown 466

11. No Felix 51 Tom and Duncan Ward 430

12. Mobjacket 52 Meg and Tom Roberts 299

13. Lunatic Fringe 57 Jerry and Cheryl Desvernine 433

14. Halfast 62 Rodney Evans and Holger Stenberg 310

15. Cygnus 70 Jim and Jeff Chen, Bill Rogers 467

16. Come n' About 73 Al Williamson and Tim Moody 20

17. Zazou 82 Steve Neiblas and Scott Gaston 288

WINNING TEAM :Len and Heidi Guenther of Tallahassee, FL 504

d= Did Not Start, Did not compete, Did Not Finish

q= Disqualified, Premature Start


Additional trophies and special awards:


17.1 The winner will be awarded the International Mobjack Championship Trophy. Prizes will also be awarded to 2nd through 5th positions.

17.2 The Stein Award (Senior National Champion) shall be presented to the skipper with the best finish who is 63 years of age or older at the start of the National Championship Regatta.

Bob Beach from Winchester, VA

17.3 The Ulmer Award will be presented to the member participating in their first Nationals as a skipper who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award.

Regan Weaver from St. Mary’s County, MD

17.4 The Stephanie Ann Ives Memorial Trophy (Youth Award) shall be presented to that member skipper, not having reached their 21st birthday during the year the Nationals is held, who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award or the Ulmer Award for the regatta.

Meg Roberts from West Point, VA

17.5 The "Family Award" shall be presented to the qualifying skipper who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award, Ulmer Award or youth award. To qualify, the skipper must have at least one crew member from another generation of their family aboard.

Regan Weaver and her dad John Edwards from St. Mary’s County , MD


17.6 The "Top Woman Skipper Award" shall be presented to the female skipper finishing highest in the National Championship Regatta.


Regan Weaver from St. Mary’s MD

17.7 The Mobjack Systems Award shall be presented to the husband-wife team regardless of which is skipper and crew who have the best finish among husband-wife teams.

Joe and Tracy Kubinec from Hollywood, MD

17.8 The "Long Haul Award" shall be presented to that member who trails their boat the longest distance in order to participate in the Nationals.

Len Guenther from Tallahassee, FL


17.9 A "Fleet Award" shall be presented to the fleet (other than the host fleet) which has the largest number of boats participating in the Nationals. In the case of a tie, the fleet with the highest total standing in the regatta shall be given the award.

Potomac River Sailing Association – Fleet 3

17.10 The "Anchor Award" shall be presented to the skipper who has the largest number of

total points of all skippers completing every race. In the tradition of this award the winner is to maintain the trophy for the following year and add one piece of memorabilia or otherwise make improvements to enhance the trophy.


Steven Nieblas from Lewes, Delaware

17.11 The Stephen McDonough Sr. Award shall be presented to the skipper who has displayed the best sportsmanship during the regatta. This shall be determined by a vote of the participating sailors.

Mark Arnold of Chesapeake, VA


For more information:

Tom Roberts, President

International Mobjack Association

West Point, VA

(804) 843 2682