Sunday, August 17, 2003

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44th Mobjack National Championship

Warwick Yacht and Country Club, Newport News, VA


Sunday August 17, 2003 the final race was held for the 44th Mobjack National Championship at Warwick Yacht and Country Club.  Racing took place on the James River, just off of Deep Creek and the Warwick River.  Trey Smith with crew Jordan Wintringham, both of Virginia Beach, VA, took 1st place in Sunday’s race to break the tie remaining after Saturday’s racing with Mark Arnold and crew Matt Frank, both of Chesapeake, VA.  This makes the 3rd time Trey has earned the National Championship, 2nd time with Jordan. Trey and Mark have battled many times in the past for the title. Bob Beach and Alan Potts of Winchester, VA finished in third and also claimed the Senior National Champion Award. In Fourth was Len Guenther of Chesapeake, VA with his daughter Heidi as crew. The racers enjoyed great competition and expert regatta race management by John McCarthy and team. Each race consisted of a double gold cup course, a 10-leg race (triangle / windward / leeward / times two) with each windward leg approximately a mile or more in length bringing a total of 7-8 miles.  17 boats competed in drifty to heavy winds for the top Mobjack racing title.  The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association sanctioned the regatta.


2003 Mobjack Nationals


Series Standing - 3 races scored


Sunday, August 17, 2003


Division: Mobjack (17 boats)


      Position     Number    Boat                              Skipper            Race 1      Race 2      Race 3     Total Pts. Club

           1              506     Mobster                        Smith, Trey              3                2               1                6.00   (BBSA) 

           2              505     Momsey                        Arnold, Mark            2               3               2                7.00   (BBSA)

           3              469     Kneads the Wind         Beach, Bob              6               1                5               12.00 

           4              504     Bumble Bee Monster   Guenther, Len         4               9               3                16.00  (BBSA)

           5              456     Yolo                               Marshall, Rowland  7               4               8                19.00 

           6              299     MobJacket                    Roberts, Meg           5               8               6                19.00 

           7              310     Half Fast                       Evans, Rodney       10              5                7               22.00 

           8              430     Super Rodento             Ward, Tom               9               6                9               24.00 

           9              466     Vanilla                          Jackson, Sam          12              7               12              31.00 

         10              472     Fortuitous                    Gardner, John         11/AVG     18/NoFin   4               33.00 

         11              500     Hot Spur                       Hawks, Jimmy         13             13              11             37.00  (BBSA)

         12              460     Passion                        Williamson, Al          14             10             14              38.00 

         13              10       Danger Zone                Booth, Miles             11             18/NoFin  10              39.00 

         14              288     Zazou                            Neiblas, Steve         15              11             15              41.00 

         15              368     Sea Woof                      Burke, Tom              16             12              13             41.00 

         16              455     Blue Bayou                  Seward, Ben              8              18/NoFin   16             42.00 

         17              18       Vintage                         Stother, Hank           10/RDG    18/NoFin   18/NoFin  46.00 



- Scoring System is ISAF Low Point 2001-2004

- Finishes in [brackets] denote throw outs

- Time limit penalty is: DNF


Principal Race Officer: John McCarthy




The winner will be awarded the International Mobjack Championship Trophy. Prizes will also be awarded to 2nd through 5th positions.

               Charles L. Smith III, “Trey” (Skipper)      Jordan Wintringham (Crew), Virginia Beach, VA


The Stein Award (Senior National Champion) shall be presented to the skipper with the best finish who is 63 years of age or older at the start of the National Championship Regatta.

            Bob Beach,  Winchester, VA


The Ulmer Award will be presented to the member participating in their first Nationals as a skipper who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award.

            Miles Booth, Gloucester, VA


The Stephanie Ann Ives Memorial Trophy (Youth Award) shall be presented to that member skipper, not having reached their 21st birthday during the year the Nationals is held, who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award or the Ulmer Award for the regatta.

            Meg Roberts, West Point, VA


The “Family Award” shall be presented to the qualifying skipper who finishes highest in the regatta but does not receive a position award, Ulmer Award or youth award. To qualify, the skipper must have at least one crewmember from another generation of their family aboard.

            Tom Ward  (Skipper)                 Duncan Ward (Crew)  Washington, DC


The “Top Woman Skipper Award” shall be presented to the female skipper finishing highest in the National Championship Regatta. 

Meg Roberts, West Point, VA


The Mobjack Systems Award shall be presented to the husband-wife team regardless of which is skipper and crew who have the best finish among husband-wife teams.

            Ben Seward and Natalie Roth, Clinton, NJ


The “Long Haul Award” shall be presented to that member who trails their boat the longest distance in order to participate in the Nationals.

            Al Williamson from Knoxville, Tenn.


The “Fleet Award” shall be presented to the fleet (other than the host fleet) which has the largest number of boats participating in the Nationals.  In the case of a tie, the fleet with the highest total standing in the regatta shall be given the award.

            Lewes Yacht Club


The “Anchor Award” shall be presented to the skipper who has the largest number of total points of all skippers completing every race.  In the tradition of this award the winner is to maintain the trophy for the following year and add one piece of memorabilia or otherwise make improvements to enhance the trophy.

            Tom Burke, Lewes, DE


The Stephen McDonough Sr. Award shall be presented to the skipper who has displayed the best

sportsmanship during the regatta.  This shall be determined by a vote of the participating sailors. 

            Len Guenther, Chesapeake, VA.


For more information:

Tom Roberts


International Mobjack Association

(804) 843-2682