40th MOBJACK NATIONAL Championship Regatta
hosted by
Glenmar Sailing Association and
the Baltimore Sailing Center
  20 - 22 AUGUST 1999
Middle River and Hawke Cove - Essex, MD

The 40th meeting of the Mobjack Class to determine it's National Champion was held on the Middle River of Maryland, sailing from Baltimore County's Rocky Point Park.   We were greeted by a smiling Sam Jackson who had organized a great weekend.
Race headquarters was on a shady knoll overlooking the park.  The park offered expanses of grass, shady picnic areas, a beach with volleyball and lifeguards, spacious ramps and a point dotted with fishermen during the day.  The park is home to Baltimore Sailing Center's fleet of JY14s and 15's.  Thursday was registration and practice (for those diehards).   Then we convened at a wonderful restaurant named "Glories" at the end of a winding road. Registration revealed that the Mobjack "family" was really convening.  Three boats were crewed by father/son or father/daughter teams, one by brother/sister and one by husband/wife and one by brother /brother-in-law.  Two skippers were over 75 and several past National Champions were registered.

Friday brought light air and we set out for the course.  An Olympic triangle was set with the windward mark out towards the Bay.
The wind all but died as we started but we walked the zephyrs upwind, one of us much better than the rest.  It took forever to round the windward mark as one of our number "escaped".  The light air shifted as the fleet rounded and we beat up to the second mark. As the main body of the fleet round and set spinnakers, a grey cloud brought all the wind we were missing.  Some were caught unaware after struggling for two legs while others blasted off.  The waves mounted and we were surfing downwind.

Negotiating the leeward mark was made trickier by a capsized boat.  They had help if needed though so we worked our way up to windward climbing the waves then a wild ride downwnd that saw no spinnakers but plenty of spray from surfing!  Back up to the finish line and relief that that there would be no second race that afternoon.  Trey Smith had beaten the clock, our three hour time limit, by a mere 4 minutes!  Thank you Trey and Jordan.   All but one capsized boat righted itself and that was because their centerboard (of all things!) broke.  We all went back to recount the thrills and continued the discussion through dinner at the "Caddie Shack Inn".  The variety of meals was refreshing for one and all.  We got a great sampling of genuine Maryland cooking.  Afterwards we were treated to Steve Mc Donough and his sister entertaining us at the Kareoke Bar with their awesome rendtion of "We are Family".  Both Steve and his sister sing professionally so we really were treated!  The whole McDonough Family was present for at least part of the weekend.

Saturday was softly overcast but no storms in site.  That meant it was cooler and a steady breeze.  The line was set with a port favor that spread the boats out on the starting line and they took off in search of the best wind.   The left side was favored but not overly so  We approached the windward mark enmasse to be baraged by the wakes of a fleet of powerboats leaving for a weekend cruise at full throttle as the wind took a short break.  Sorting that out we rounded and took off fot the gybe mark.  The course was really well laid out as both reaches were tight but not too tight.  The boats got up and moved!  Tracy and Joe Kubineck led us around this course but Mark outdid them on the last upwind to eek out the victory. Once the main group of the fleet was finished others were finished in place and we went back to do it again.

The wind stayed up but took away the left side favor.  The shifts were more dicrete this time and crafty skippers used them well.
Mark again led this race but had to play cat and mouse with Trey and Jordan.  They split the lead over and over with Mark edging them finally on the last beat.   What a great day of sailing!

We enjoyed the comfortable breezes and lush surroundings of the park with a picnic style cookout at the point.  This included the usual burgers and dogs but also included lucious bratwurst cooked to perfection.  Several delicious deserts were contributed, the most notable being the mouthwatering chocolate eclair cake!  Chocolate loveres were in heaven. We were seranaded by a Thistle sailor who was a member of the Race Committee with his rendition of the school song of the National Embalming School.
The annual meeting was held efficiently.  New officers for 1999-2000 are Tom Roberts, President; Jerry Desvernine, Vice President; Tom Ward, Secretary, Mark Arnold, Treasurer; and Perry Jones, Chief Measurer.  We noted that resoltions from alst year had been voted on aand passed and weere reflected in this years sailing instructions.  We approved Case Whittemore's search to replace the builder for the class and determined to resolve thhe direction of Mobjack Systems to support the fleets.
The Web page has been renovated this year and continues to evolve, perhaps even offering parts, pieces and boats for sail over the Internet. A toast and remembrance of Bob Stein was made, as the theme of the regatta was "This One's for Bob!".  The night was marked with a jam session with Duncan's guitar and a crowd in the Ward's room till the wee hours.

Sunday looked grey when we started but cleared up quickly.  We had a nice sail out to the starting line but the wind died as we started.  Nevetheless, we worked our way to the zephyrs.  Boats inched past each other only to have the one beside them do the same thing minutes later.  When the sky really cleared and the clock apprached noon, the pleasure boats came out in droves.  This of course made the race course look like a washing machine and we bounced around looking for breeze.  After rounding the windward mark we headed off to the next mark.  Then the winds decided to play with us. Wind shifts were severe and every adjustment or spinnaker set was made tentively.  Boats were often seen on opposite tacks heading in the same direction or the same tack heading in completely different directions.  As hard as Mark, Trey and the rest of us tried we could not finish this race within the time limit and the race was abandonded.  Disappointed but at the same time relieved, we headed in.

Once ashore we packed our boats and assembled to distribute the silver.   Mark Arnold and Matt Frank were crowned National Champions.   Runners-up were Trey Smith and Jordan Winteringham, followed by Tracy and Joe Kubinec, Bob Beach and Alan Potts and Dave Rowland and Steve McDonough.   The Mobjack Systems Award for Senior Skipper was awarded to Rowland Marshall.  The Longest Haul and Anchor Awards were once again won by Al Williamson and Tim Moody.  Todd Stein and Tom Ward, who orginated the Anchor Award, explained it's prestige and inception as they awarded it.  The Family Award was won by Len and Heidi Guenther.  The Steven McDonough Award was given posthumously the Bob Stein for his contribution to making this event a family reunion.

Congratulations and thanks were expressed to the Race Committee, Glenmar Sailing Association, the Baltimore Sailing Center and especially Sam Jackson for leading the planning and execution of a very well organized and great event.  The results of the regatta are as follows:

Place       SKIPPER         crew                     Sail Number     Places                               Total Points
              Hometown & club
  1. MARK ARNOLD  Matt Frank                     500     2.00   1.00    1.00                         4.00
            Chesapeake and Virginia Beach (Broad Bay Sailing Association)
  2. TREY SMITH  Jordan Winteringham        506     1.00   7.00    2.00                          10.00
           Chesapeake and Virginia Beach (BBSA)
  3. JOE KUBINEC  Tracy Kubinec               511     6.00   2.00    3.00                          11.00
            Hollywood, MD  (Southern Maryland Sailing Association)
  4. BOB BEACH Alan Potts                          469     4.00   3.00    7.00                           14.00
            Winchester, VA (Potomac River Sailing Association)
  5. DAVE ROWLAND Steve McDonough     482     3.00  10.00    4.00                          17.00
            Norfolk, VA & Van Nyes CA (BBSA)
  6. ROWLAND MARSHALL Billy Parnell     456    12.00   4.00    5.00                          21.00
            Lewes, DE (Lewes Yacht Club
  7. LEN GUENTHER   Heidi Guenther         504     8.00   9.00    6.00                          23.00
            Chesapeake, VA (BBSA)
  8. TOM WARD  Duncan Ward                   430     7.00   5.00   12.00                          24.00
            Washington, DC (PRSA)
  9. TODD STEIN  Tara Lytle                       510     5.00  11.00    9.00                          25.00
            Elizabeth City NC & Richmond, VA (Fishing Bay Yacht Club)
 10. TOM ROBERTS  Meg Roberts              299    10.00   6.00   10.00                         26.00
            West Point, VA   (FBYC)
 11. RODNEY EVANS Holgar                   310     9.00  12.00    8.00                            29.00
            Lewes, DE  (LYC)
 12. SAM JACKSON                                 466    11.00   8.00   11.00                           30.00
            Essex, MD (Glenmar Sailing Association)
 13. AL WILLIAMSON Tim Moody            451    13.00  13.00   13.00                          39.00
           Johnson City, TN
 14. JERRY DESVERNINE Cheryl Desvernine433    15.00  14.00   14.00                    43.00
           Ashland, VA (FBYC)