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Mobjack Outline

  • The Mobjack is fast, comfortable, self bailing, light, nearly maintenance free.

  • There are three sails, Main Jib (180 Sq. ft.) and a spinnaker (200 sq.ft.)
  • It has a trapeze when racing (or fooling around)
  • The rudder and centerboard kick up
  • The deck is above water with 400 lbs on board.
  • The boat is self-bailing.
  • The sides are comfortable.
  • It's open from bow to stern so there's plenty of room.
    The flared bow keeps the boat dry so it doesn't need a deck up front.
  • Owners and Sailing Guides

  • Mobjack Owners Guide with diagrams, general sailing terms applied to the Mobjack

  • Lessons for New Owners including maintenance- Good things to know
  • Maintenance

  • Mylar Centerboard Gasket Replacement

  • Rubber Centerboard Gasket Replacement

  • Mast Construction

  • Repair Guides

  • Inspection Port Installation and Mast Step Repair

  • Hull Blister Repair

  • Seat Reinforcing

  • Seat Flotation Replacement

  • Several of these combined
  • International Mobjack Association
    c/o 3720 Blue Heron Lane
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    Ph: 804.843.2682

    Mobjack Systems Inc.
    Chesapeake, Virginia

    Ph: 757.312.0768

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